Hazel Mitchell on an unstoppable calling to love

  Hazel enjoying an event day in Lavender Hill, hosting inclusive dance with the CSRC. And with the continued support of The Chaeli Campaign, empowering her community (pre-Covid). Caregiver, Parent and Community Ma: An Unstoppable Calling to Love by Kirsten Steenkamp February 2021 2007, the year in which the United Nations first announced a World[…]

Sibongile Chanengeta on a parent’s journey

Sibongile, Never and Leona visitingThe Chaeli Campaign in 2006 Leona enjoying being back in school! Prepared by God’s hands to serve and protect: A Parent’s Journey by Kirsten Steenkamp January 2021 Entering a new year is usually the time that we think back on the months passed. Deep reflections on our challenges and successes will[…]

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