Month: January 2021

my story – shared life

my story – shared life 28 January 2021 Follow on Instagram: @zeldagroblermycroft Follow on Twitter: @MadMomZelda sisters 1998 The power of story-telling has led humankind, across the ages, to understand where we come from, what our cultural traditions are, how our ancestors reacted to crises and generally provides perspective of our  role, place and time.[…]

Sibongile Chanengeta on a parent’s journey

Sibongile, Never and Leona visitingThe Chaeli Campaign in 2006 Leona enjoying being back in school! Prepared by God’s hands to serve and protect: A Parent’s Journey by Kirsten Steenkamp January 2021 Entering a new year is usually the time that we think back on the months passed. Deep reflections on our challenges and successes will[…]

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