3-9 June 2024

7in7 Challenge Team Beastie

7 ultra-marathons. 7 days. 1 purpose

Raising awareness and funds for disability inclusion. Running 6 ultra-marathon distances in 6 days, finishing with the Comrades Marathon on day 7

7in7 Community Challenge

Team Beastie’s 7in7 Challenge is running 7 ultra-marathon distances in 7 days. This adaptive, assisted wheelchair team will run 6 ultra-marathon distances between Johannesburg and Durban, and will finish with the Comrades Marathon on 9 June. They first did this in 2023 and this year have expanded the 7in7 Challenge to include YOU!

What will your 7in7 Challenge be? You can choose anything – running, swimming, walking, reading, knitting, self-care, whatever you find challenging. Sign up for the Community Challenge so that while Team Beastie is taking to the road, you’ll be conquering your challenge too, with the support of the whole 7in7 Community!

Your entry fee is supporting inclusive education and adaptive road running. Through the 7in7 Community Challenge, we’re advocating for inclusion and equal opportunities for disabled children in South Africa.  

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Entry: R250

Comrades for Kids Like Chaeli

Already entered the Comrades and keen to make a difference with your run? Raise funds for The Chaeli Campaign and change the lives of disabled children across South Africa.

Supporting the Chaeli Campaign

What is 7in7

Starting on 3 June 2024, Team Beastie will take on the equivalent of 6 ultra-marathons over 6 days between Johannesburg and Durban. On day 7 they will take part in the Comrades Marathon on 9 June 2024.

Team Beastie represents how important it is to recognise the inherent value and ability each individual has in life, and runs with the belief that the road is for all of us; it’s a better place to be when everyone is included.


10 New Custom-Made Joggers

GOAL: R200 000 to build 4 joggers, enabling 4 more adaptive teams to get out on the road, making road running more inclusive.

Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club supports and advocates for inclusive sports opportunities.

www.chaelisports.co.za for more info
NPO 078-277

Chaeli Cottage Preschool

GOAL: R500 000 to support running costs for one year.

Chaeli Cottage Preschool provides an inclusive learning experience for disabled & non-disabled preschoolers to learn together and from one another. Every child has the right to an education.

www.chaelicampaign.org for more info
NPO 037-338

Meet the Team

We would love to have you join us for a few kilometres, the road is always more fun with friends! Check out the timeline below to see where we’ll be each day and join the WhatsApp Community for more specific details of joining along the route.

Chaeli Mycroft

Chaeli has always embraced being active. She has taken on many endurance challenges over the years as an adaptive athlete. From climbing Kilimanjaro, to running multiple Comrades Marathons, she's game for it all!


Mark has made a habit of doing impossible things. He joined Team Beastie in 2018 and is an incredible athlete, having done multiple Comrades Marathons, Unogwaja and Ironman. Mark is determined to always beat the odds - if you tell him it's not possible, he's doing it!


Ivo is the newest member of Team Beastie. He has worked with Mark for a decade, hearing about his 'impossible' adventures and decided it's time to join one! Ivo will be using his skills managing all team logistics, making sure everyone is safe, happy and we get the job done.

7IN7 Timeline

Mon 3 June:

Day 1 > The Cradle – Johannesburg

Tue 4 June:

Day 2 > The Cradle – Johannesburg

Wed 5 June:

Day 3 > Benoni

Thu 6 June:

Day 4 > Bloemfontein

Fri 7 June:

Day 5 > Durban

Sat 8 June:

Day 6 > Durban

Sun 9 June:

Day 7 > Comrades Marathon Up Run

Get Involved

You’ve made it this far, it’s time to choose your next step! Choose how you’ll support the 7in7 Challenge below:

The Chaeli Campaign
First National Bank
6210 570 1264


All donations have impact.

Click here to support our fundraising goals. Section 18A Tax Certificates can be issued for all donations

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Click here to Run for Kids Like Chaeli and raise funds through your Comrades run

Join us

You are most welcome to join us along the route.

We have a long way to go, so any support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated. Click here to follow the team and find details of where we’ll be each day.


Share the story!

Use the hashtag #7in7Challenge2024 on all social media platforms when sharing your own challenge wins, support for Team Beastie, and motivating others to donate too.

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